Outsourced Maintenance & Maintenance Management

Whether your strategy is to completely outsource the maintenance of your asset or need support managing your maintenance during critical phases of your project, STELO can support your needs. We pride ourselves in building high performance maintenance teams with a mix of industry leaders and local talent that will care for your asset in the most lifecycle conscious manner. The knowledge that your asset is in good hands allows your operation to focus on other critical operational areas increasing your chances of achieving your targets.

Maintenance Optimisation

Getting the most out of an aging asset is always challenging. Our practical structured approach to maintenance optimisation balances risk, production and cost to achieve the best sustainable asset performance. Our team of experienced consultants will support and guide your teams through the optimisation process. Scope definition starts with a STELO Asset Management Assessment, assessing performance and maturity against best practices, positioning your organisation in our tried and tested 3 Phase Framework.


Phase 1

Fix & De-Risk Plant

  • Operational readiness assessment/ roll out
  • Review asset management policy/ strategy
  • Baseline risk assessment
  • Critical equipment & spares evaluation
  • Manpower/ skills assessment
  • Mobilise expert teams (maintenance, operation & supply chain)
  • Facilities/ tooling gap analysis
  • Refine asset care/ production plans
  • Implement/ reconfigure systems e.g. production, CMMS
  • Mise en œuvre d'une planification et d'un contrôle efficaces des travaux

Phase 2

Stabilise & Improve

  • Mise en œuvre des stratégies et des plans de gestion
  • Amélioration des systèmes / cultures de sécurité et de qualité
  • Mise en œuvre des exigences statutaires
  • Perfectionnement, formation et développement
  • Contrôle de gestion & budgets
  • Reporting Efficace
  • Gestion de projets/ Planification des arrêts
  • Gestion des magasins, optimisation des stocks
  • Réparation des pièces de rechange et gestion de la rénovation
  • Surveillance de l'état / de la production

Phase 3

Sustain - Develop Skilled Care Culture

  • Audits / interventions réguliers de conformité aux risques
  • Transfert de compétences et culture de maintenance
  • Identification des améliorations de l'usine pour augmenter la production
  • Gestion de la réhabilitation ou modernisation
  • Gestion des performances
  • Examen et optimisation du système, la planification et de l’ordonnancement
  • Gestion et coordination des sous-traitants / OEM
  • Amélioration ciblée (Fiabilité, Lean, Six Sigma)
  • Soutien d’expert
  • Approvisionnement et gestion de contrats

Skills Development

STELO believes very strongly in developing local skills wherever we operate. It can either be done through coaching interventions or more formal practical training programmes. Normally we start with a structured skills assessment and then customise the coaching and training interventions accordingly but ensuring that it is more practical of nature. We normally combine this training with our Maintenance Management service offering. STELO also provides online Asset Management training in line with the Institute of Asset Management’s certificate qualification.

  • Technical Skills Training (on the job/practical) (6-18 months) – 6 Courses
  • Asset Management/ Maintenance (classroom/remote) (1-3 days) – 14 Courses
  • Institute of Asset Management (IAM) certificate (online) modules (short courses) (1-5 days) – 16 Modules