Project Support

STELO has acquired significant project management expertise through the many new or rehabilitation projects its team has successfully delivered over the years in the most difficult location. Whether it is small (100kUSD) or big (100 MUSD +), the same project management principles apply. Our focus is on ensuring that what is delivered is not only on time and on budget, but provides the return on investment expected.


Procurement Support

Procurement & logistics for projects, especially in remote areas, requires expert knowledge and significant effort to ensure the project is delivered on time and in budget. STELO’s provides support through its procurement experts and supply chain partners to supplement the project team. Close vendor relationships to a network of surplus new spare parts throughout Africa, we work with our clients to maximise the value of their new or existing asset.


Operational Readiness

Developing a new asset or taking over an existing asset, STELO provide implementation of Operational Readiness Programmes, which includes establishing maintenance strategies and plans, - maintenance infrastructure, - maintenance organisational capability, - supply chain processes, - maintenance systems and processes, Project Management Office.