With STELO’s experience in maintaining Assets in Africa, STELO has developed an extensive talent pool of people that have the right skills, experience and know how to operate in complex and difficult environments. Through its management STELO also understands what type of skills and people are required for the various phases of the lifecycle of an Asset. From Africa to Europe, the middle East and Asia, we can provide the best skills on the market.

Through STELO GROUP’S in country subsidiaries and partners STELO can provide these skills to clients woldwide.


Client Solution Overview

STELO Group understands that not all clients require full-service solutions. Therefore, we offer flexible and tailored options that provide the necessary skills and expertise to support specific needs. Whether it’s short-term assignments, project-based engagements, or targeted expertise, our skills supply solution is designed to align with our clients’ requirements and optimize their operational efficiency.

We have highly skilled experts in maintenance and project management with the capacity to mobilize in every country. With our extensive experience in maintaining assets across the world, we have developed a robust database of professionals who possess the right skills, experience, and knowledge to operate effectively in Africa’s unique business landscape where we are based but also all around the world. Our recruitment process involves rigorous assessment and verification of qualifications, experience, and industry-specific knowledge. This ensures that we can supply the right experts who match the unique requirements of each client and project.

Our Expertise


Maintenance Experts

STELO Group’s maintenance experts are highly skilled in managing the maintenance needs of diverse industries. They possess in-depth knowledge of preventive and corrective maintenance strategies, equipment troubleshooting, and optimization of maintenance workflows. Our experts contribute to reducing downtime, improving asset reliability, and maximizing the lifespan of critical equipment.


Project Management Professionals

We offer project management professionals who have a strong track record in successfully planning, executing, and controlling projects in various industries. Our project managers possess excellent leadership skills, expertise in project management methodologies, and the ability to manage resources and mitigate risks effectively. They ensure that projects are delivered on time, within budget, and to the client’s satisfaction.

Global Mobility

At STELO Group, our capacities in global mobility are strengthened by our extensive network of subsidiaries and trusted partners across the world and specially in Africa. We have strategically established subsidiary offices in key locations throughout the continent, allowing us to have a local presence and deep understanding of the regional dynamics and requirements. These subsidiaries serve as hubs for mobilizing experts rapidly and in compliance with local regulations.

Our network of trustable partners plays a crucial role in expanding our reach and ensuring seamless operations across Africa but also in Europe, Middle East, and Asia. These partners have been carefully selected based on their expertise, reputation, and commitment to quality. Through our collaborative relationships, we can tap into their local knowledge and resources, further enhancing our capacity to mobilize experts effectively.

Client Benefits

STELO Group’s skills supply of experts in maintenance and project management, combined with our global mobility capabilities, offers a valuable solution for businesses operating internationally.

With our database of skilled professionals, asset lifecycle knowledge, and tailored approach, we empower our clients to optimize their operations and achieve long-term success. Partner with STELO Group to access the right expertise and drive your business forward.

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    Industry-specific knowledge and experience in asset lifecycle management.

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    Access to a pool of highly skilled experts in maintenance and project management.

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    Cost-effective and efficient workforce deployment.

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    Tailored solutions that meet specific project and operational needs.

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    Rapid mobilization of professionals to any country, ensuring project continuity.

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    Mitigation of risks associated with cross-border operations through compliance with local regulations and legal support.